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Benefits of ice baths and cryotherapy to cyclists
Physical Therapist Karen Doyle examines the benefits of ice baths and cryotherapy.
Post Exercise Muscle Soreness & Recovery Strategies
In the first of a series of articles Karen Doyle, a Physical Therapist at Dublin’s Maple Clinic who is no stranger to working with international cyclists, identifies the causes and symptoms of delayed onset muscle sorness (DOMS) and how it can impact on your training and racing programme.
SCI'CON's slick aeronaut saddle bag a real winner
Simplicity is not a simple thing to achieve but the Italian company SCI’CON has certainly cracked the code with its new Aeronaut saddle bag which is a must for any cyclist looking for a slick aerodynamic product to carry their spare tubes and tools.
Protect your bike with SCI'CON's Aerocomfort plus
Any cyclist who has invested in a decent bike and who cares about protecting it while travelling might want to take a look at Italian company SCI’CON who have most definitely come up the solution to bike transportation.

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